BIG List was established in May of 2020 to become the United States biggest and most useful monthly classified ads and business directory publication serving text only business listings and advertisements in a FREE PDF publication.

BIG List opened it’s doors to Premium Business Listings on Saturday, May 30th, 2020, and has been serving moderated advertising in it’s monthly publication ever since.

BIG List was created by a United States Army Veteran, David Thrift, who saw a need for an advertising platform that is affordable, easy to access and view on all smart devices (smartphones, tablets & computers), and that patrols by human curation against spam, and undesirable ads that viewers don’t want to see.

BIG List offers low cost, one payment, lifetime business listings to businesses in all 50 states of the United States Of America. These listings must pass manual approval before being published.

BIG List maintains a clean publishing format mostly free of flashy images both in it’s publication and on it’s website.

Letter from the owner:

Since January 2021 I have been dismayed over the censorship of American businesses by big tech companies over political reasons which go against our American rights to freedom of speech.

American businesses both big and small are the backbone of our beautiful United States Of America. Without them, and this goes for all of them, we can not grow forward as a nation, and that holds true regardless of what side of politics any of us stand by.

Boycott and censorship of American businesses over political reasons can greatly result in economical decreased value of our country as a whole, rather than push our economy ahead. We need to base our purchases on the value of the product, not because Joe Business Owner sides with the opposing presidential candidate.

When we boycott businesses based only on political beliefs, we are only kidding ourselves that doing so will benefit us individually or as a nation if we truly love buying the products that make us happy… however as customers that is our right to do so as we are the ones that keep companies in business, and that aligns with our freedom of speech.

When we allow big companies to censor other businesses for us based on politics or competition, we not only give up our rights to freedom of speech, but begin to run the risk of losing access to products we love, and we grant control to companies who wish to decide for us what products we are allowed to buy within their business structure. That, we cannot tolerate or allow to be done to us. Also on that note, I feel that if a company decides to censor another company’s products and services based on politics, then we the customers should definitely enforce our freedom of speech and the freedom of our wallets to return the favors.

These are all reasons why I created The BIG List U.S. Business Directory. We are here to list and promote businesses in the United States who value our FREEDOM OF SPEECH, our business patronage, and our right to decide which companies push forward in value, and not big tech, or big corporation oligarchy precedence deciding for us who we support.

Businesses who choose to advertise in The BIG List do so (we hope) to show support to our freedoms in America to decide for ourselves who gets our money, and who doesn’t.

The BIG List prides itself on promoting businesses within the United States only, and offers a simple and affordable platform for advertising to nearly all business types.

David Thrift
CEO, The BIG List