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Originally Written On: Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Last Updated On: Monday, March 2nd, 2021

It’s important to us at The BIG List to provide transparency to our directory viewers, and advertisers listed in our directory, whether it’s on our website, or any publication we may produce. On this page we aim to layout all of our policy practices and procedures for running this directory, providing our platform to advertisers, and giving access to viewers who wish to use our directory for business purposes. Our policies may be frequently updated to include additions, subtractions, and changes. We reserve the right to update or change our policies at any time. Please review our policies often to stay updated on our directory service.


Our directory is monetized through premium directory listings. It is the only way currently that we acquire funding for the editing, maintenance, production, and even the advertising of our service via digital billboards across the United States. Our website is even an ad-free domain because as a business directory, we provide a platform where businesses can advertise, and because we hate embedded ads like many other viewers.

Occasionally we run across businesses that we think may provide a great service and product to consumers. Because our #1 goal in our own business of running this directory is to provide consumers information that can lead them to worthwhile services and products, we provide select businesses of our choosing a courtesy listing in our directory. We are not compensated in any way for doing this, other than using this method of promotion to build our directory for our viewers benefit, and hopefully help drive sales for the businesses we promote.


We have established “rules of engagement” when listing businesses as a courtesy into our directory. Those rules are as follows:

  • We do not under any circumstance accept solicitation or requests for free listings. Any such requests will be directed to our Premium Directory Listings.
  • We never list a business as a courtesy in our directory unless we fully intend to promote it to our viewers who use our directory as if it were a Premium Business Listing. To treat these courtesy listings in any other manner would cause a waste of our time, and we’re not here to waste our time, nor our viewers time.
  • We do not mark courtesy listings in any way that will indicate them to be a courtesy listing. To do so would deviate from our rule above to not treat courtesy listings any different from our Premium Business Listings.
  • We do not list phone numbers, or email addresses of companies in our courtesy listings, nor do we collect or use such information for any purpose.
  • Courtesy listings may only include business name, description, website address, and possibly their social media addresses.
  • Our courtesy listings are text only (the same as with our Premium Business Listings).
  • We do not use graphics such as logos or company product images in courtesy listings from the companies we list.
  • We do not generally list a business as a courtesy if we’re unable to determine where in the United States a business operates from.
  • Sometimes we’re unable to determine the exact City and State for a business, but are able to make a positive assessment that a business does operate in the United States. For these listings, we list them as a business providing nationwide service (online stores that ship nationwide for example).
  • We scour the internet daily in search of great businesses, and choose businesses carefully that we feel are trustworthy based on our online research of these businesses to ensure that we can appreciate having them listed in our directory, be proud to promote them, and also ensure that our viewers have access to only the businesses we think are worth doing business with.
  • Our sources for internet search when discovering new businesses are: (1.) Ads in social media and other websites (we view that businesses which are advertising elsewhere are generally the most eager to build their customer base and sales) are a BIG first source and while they may not have yet discovered The BIG List, these advertisers are a prime choice for our directory. We view the ads most people ignore to filter in the best businesses we can find for our viewers. (2.) Other directories such as phone books and online company listings. (3.) DIY store platforms where creators are able to establish a store and sell their products. These are generally handmade products, or digital print products, and we love promoting small businesses circulating on these platforms. (4.) Classified ads. (5.) Niche book directories.
  • We’re aware that some business owners may think that it is inappropriate or even “illegal” for a directory such as ours to list their information without permission, however directories do not need permission to list general information that is publicly available as long as company graphics or content is not used. This is not limited to directories. Anyone who has access to public information can take such information and create their own catalog stream. We feel this should be encouraged, not discouraged, especially when it comes to promoting American business in the United States.
  • Any business wishing to be removed from our directory upon discovery of being listed here, may request removal from the directory. However, once removed would require purchasing a Premium Directory Listing to be relisted should the business owner decide that our directory can provide them a benefit of being listed.
  • We are not obligated in any way to provide or retain courtesy listings, and we reserve the right to remove any courtesy listings at any time, and for any reason. This includes on our website and in any publications we produce.

It’s better to be listed and get seen, than to not be listed and never be heard of.


Rounding up all the social media points where The BIG List can be followed and collaborated with for directory listing service and establishing our identities on various networks:

We are providing our viewers this complete list of our contact points via our website and outside communication channels in social media to make sure everyone who enjoys our directory and content can ensure themselves that where they see us online, is actually our content.

Our Official (And ONLY) Website: https://www.bigbizlist.com

Any website domain deviating from the above domain IS NOT US. We only have this ONE (1) publicly available official website.

Email: bigbizlist@gmail.com

Postal Address: P.O. Box 1024 – Opelika, AL 36852 (currently not corresponding in any way via snail mail)

Phone: No phone. No need for phone. We’re a text directory only. All communication is by text. We have a phone, but it’s not open for texting, and we don’t do calls.

Social Media and Other Platforms:

  1. DISQUS: https://disqus.com/by/BigBizList/
  2. ELLO: https://ello.co/bigbizlist
  3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigBizList/
  4. Gab: https://gab.com/BigBizList
  5. Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/130759144-the-big-list (https://www.goodreads.com/bigbizlist)
  6. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bigbizlist/
  7. Issuu: https://issuu.com/bigbizlist
  8. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bigbizlist/
  9. Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/bigbizlist
  10. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BigBizList
  11. Tumblr: https://bigbizlist.tumblr.com/
  12. Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigBizList
  13. UNSPLASH: https://unsplash.com/@bigbizlist

Notice the common denominator in all of our urls, “bigbizlist”, or “BigBizList”. If those are not included in a url in those exact letter strings for whichever network you are exploring, it’s most likely not us. We will notate this statement below this paragraph if we create an identity online that deviates from the common denominator.

Currently, Goodreads is the only network where our url does not contain the letter strings “bigbizlist”, or “BigBizList”. You will see the ending numbers and letter string “130759144-the-big-list” in the url listed above for Goodreads as the identifying element to our Goodreads profile. Notice also that there is a url on Goodreads which does contain our “bigbizlist” letter string – https://www.goodreads.com/bigbizlist – however that url automatically redirects to https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/130759144-the-big-list

If you are ever unsure, please do not hesitate to send us a message so that we can verify for you, and try to take necessary steps to eliminate imposters.


Any brand name products or company names mentioned in this directory are trademarks or service marks of their respective entities. The mention of any brand name product or company in this directory does not constitute or establish any endorsement by the proprietor of The BIG List, nor does it constitute an endorsement by any of these companies that their products should be used in any manner represented in this directory.

The BIG List takes extreme care when listing and describing businesses and their products to ensure that the texts written to promote them does not misrepresent their company establishment, target demographics, product descriptions, or product use. The BIG List and it’s owner bears no responsibility for any possible errors or misguidance in company/product listings obtained from public information or communication from paid listings provided by these companies.


Our directory is an establishment built on collecting information from companies for the purpose of advertising and promotion. In establishing connections with companies who use our platform, some information is collected for public presentation. Also we collect contact information such as phone number and email from the companies we provide advertising for to keep in contact if needed for directory listing purposes. We do not publish any information that a company does not instruct us to publish. We also do not sell any contact information collected aside from listing information, and all data is securely held confidential that is not intended for public viewing. Because our directory promotes United States businesses only, we do not collect any information from users of this directory in foreign countries.


Words such as “we”, “us”, “we are”, “we’re” and “our”, used in our directory, on our website, social media, and publications, are intended to encompass our entire structure as a whole including our domain, social networking platforms, directory name (The BIG List), our advertisers, viewers, and subscribers.


The BIG List is a human edited directory in operation since 2020. That means all listings are added by a human editor (no automated system) after collaboration with business owners to collect the business information needed to add them into this directory. The BIG List is currently a “one man band”, created and designed by, maintained by, promoted and advertised by, written and edited by David Thrift from Southeast Alabama who has been a business promotor since 2013. The BIG List operates from wherever David Thrift, the CEO, may be settled with his laptop and/or smartphone. These are various locations across Alabama and Georgia.







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