Let’s get a permanent listing for your business in the BIG List today for a one time payment of only $250.00 currently – a very low investment for long term advertising. Do it now before pricing increases.

Here are a few things you need to know in order to get your business listing payment and information sent in for your business listing:

  • BIG List is a human edited directory, and there is no automation of any kind other than the process via PayPal to collect payments for listings. What this means is that there are no forms currently provided for making business listing changes on site. Contact with the editor would be required for that. For any business listing changes, there is a $10 editing fee which must be paid before any changes.
  • Requests for business listing removals can be made for free any time. There are no refunds for business listing removals.
  • Payment for your BIG List business listing must be received before submitting your business listing. You will find the payment option below, and below the payment option is the form you will use to submit your business listing information. You will use this same page to submit your payment as well as submit your business listing information.
  • Please use the same email address that you submit your payment through PayPal with that you submit your business listing information with. This is to ensure we publish the correct information in your listing, and also ensures we have the correct email to contact you with if needed before adding your listing into our BIG List directory.
  • Please take into consideration that The BIG List is moderated for quality business listings for our viewers. In some cases we are not able to provide advertising space in our directory for some submitted listings. In these cases, a full refund will be made. We do not provide refunds for any other reason. You will be contacted and advised within 24 hours at the email you provide if we are not able to list your submission. To save you some time, here are a few types of business listings we do not cater to: any marketing scheme, click funnels, anything that appears suspicious or spam, or work at home. We reserve the right to use our discretion for approved listings. In either case we will contact you after your payment and business info has been submitted to advise about your listing.
  • In order to provide safety to our directory readers, we do not accept any business website links that are hidden within url redirects. These would be links such as those linked through and similar services. If your website url does not include your domain and a .com, .org, .net, or other well known url identifier, please do not submit them. The editor of this directory will disapprove your listing submission.
  • We welcome and provide listings for online businesses as well as street address (brick & mortar) businesses.
  • We only provide business listings for businesses in the United States. This means all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii.

Step 1 – Submit your payment:

BIG List Premium Business Listing

This purchase covers your one time payment at for your business listing in the BIG List U.S. Business Directory which includes your business name, description, website, social media, and contact information. It also covers admin and directory editing fees.


Step 2 – Submit your business listing information:

Fill out the form below to submit your business listing information. Some fields are required. Others are optional.

Thanks for advertising in the BIG List!

Need help?

If you have any problem completing your business listing submission, or have any questions at all about this business directory, please do not hesitate to contact the editor for assistance.